Vanguard Oil

Vanguard Oil

Vanguard™ Oil is designed to maximize engine protection and performance.

The full-synthetic composition makes Vanguard™ Oil a high performance solution, providing longer oil life compared to a semi-synthetic or mineral-based oil product. The zinc additive ingredient provides anti-wear protection from metal components, while the high quality detergent ensures lower engine deposits over time.

Even in the most demanding environments, Vanguard™ Oil delivers. It is suitable for use in outdoor temperatures up to 130°F, providing maximum protection in hot summer months. Cold starting properties go as low as 20°F ensuring easy starting in late fall months. 


  • 100% Full Synthetic
  • Reduced oil consumption
  • Longer Life
  • Zinc anti-wear additive
  • Operating temperature range 20°F to 130°
  • Designed for commercial engine applications
  • Warranty-approved